Why is Truth the Seed of Liberty?

The truth is not always something that is the appropriate response to every situation. In instances where one could be hurt it would be immoral to truthfully respond if they are in your protection, unless, of course, it is the police and the refugee is really a fugitive.

But this is not so when it pertains to the most necessary things that are the bedrock of a free and moral people. And those foundational principles are our right to life, freedom to act and do those things which benefit us (unless it harms another, thus, a moral people), and the right to possess property without fear if it being taken from us.

These are the hopeful rights the United States had insisted the government they created had no authority to infringe upon. Yet, here we stand as these rights given by our Creator to enjoy are trampled upon by those whom we have entrusted to represent our State in Congress and defend us against tyranny. How have we fallen so far from a people who blood was shed without fear that our posterity might enjoy these blessings? It appears, as history has testified to, that they have given them away for comfort and a false sense of safety.

We, the generation that has come to see the atrocities of our supposed government for the people must not sit by any longer. We cannot surrender our conscience for fear of the wolf overtaking the power of the fox. We are at a precipice in which we must revolt against the establishment and cast them all over the cliff for a new future. We must choose those who will fight the deep State and fearlessly destroy the citadel of the elite. Neither Republican or Democrat stand with the Founders. So, we must search out those who do.

Be a rebel and not a sheep, so that our children might see the rebirth of the Republic that is founded upon life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

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