Eat, Sleep, and be Happy

In such times as we are now facing I hear the cries of the people yelling at one another across a great divide. Yet, those on the right, despite their vitriol and outrage, they sit complacently behind their device of choice seemingly contented in their comfort and safety.

Of course there are those who stand up and make themselves known, but this is the few. Many times I have plead with those I know to have a meeting and make plans on action. Yet, it falls on deaf ears. Ben Franklin said, “Those who will give their liberty for safety deserve neither.” O’ how prophetic these words are, for we have surely chosen the later over the former and prove to not be worthy of either.

We wander about with our flock of sheep, afraid of what lies beyond the fields in which we feed. Where are the lions who roar with might to terrify the hyena’s cackling around his pride? They wait to feed off of the labor of his pride. But it seems he has left and now they not only feed on the labor of the free but also upon the free themselves.

This though is inevitable for a nation that packs away and discards the Almighty whom the forefathers exalted in for their success. Instead the give glory to men, armies, and economies that ebb and flow with the tides. Filling their storehouses is the goal forgetting that what has been established is not for themselves alone but also their posterity. For they are those whom the torch of liberty is handed.

It is He who prospers and protects a people! But with the fools blinded by conceit and contempt of their Creator, deny Him and lead the nation into the abyss. They slay with their lips those who revolt and grafitti his name. And the little sheeple, shout with disgust while they hide behind their little fences. And we want to be a free people? Surely the dissolution of the rights given by God is an intolerable act and should give rise to a righteous revolution against those oppressors who have stolen the blessings of our posterity and trampled down the courts of the holy places of the Most High.

It is only upon the foundation of truth that a nation can prolong its days. And that foundation is the liberty that the Great Liberator has endowed His creation with. We must turn back to Him as our help and defense. We can no longer “eat, sleep, and be merry.” It is time to stand boldly and defiant to those who would completely extinguish the flames of freedom.

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