The Sacrifice

What is a sacrifice? Is it just killing an animal or bringing some of your bounty? No. It is giving up something valuable. God asks for the firstborn and the first fruit. Why? Because you are left to trust He will prosper you.

Yet, He tells us also to love Him with all our being. So, is it really a sacrifice if we are at this level? For at this level, we realize that the “earth is YHWH’s and all of its fullness.” We understand that we truly possess nothing. We are provided what He has given for His purposes and not our own.

So, we must assess what we need. Our temporal self tells us we need food, water, clothing, and shelter. And indeed, they are necessary. But these are not our true needs, for man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that is spoken by God, and true shelter is under the shadow of His wings. He can bring water from a rock and has called us to cloth ourselves in righteousness.

What then is most valuable? Is it a sacrifice to offer what is not mine? No, for that is no sacrifice at all. The true sacrifice is laying our heritage as God’s children on the altar of dust to the gods of man only to receive what is in their empty hands.

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